New songs I’m listening to

nick cave ghosteen.jpg



Spinning Song by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
(At this point, Cave is creating deeply personal, vulnerable, therapeutic music. The emotional outro “peace will come” could be interpreted as an ode to Cave’s late son who tragically died aged 15. There’s also a tribute to Elvis “the king of rock ‘n’ roll” whom Cave previously has included in lyrics. The stunning artwork is presumably a depiction of heaven/paradise and a reworking of The Breath of Life, a 2001 painting by the artist Tom duBois. According to the singer the title Ghosteen refers to “a migrating spirit”. Perhaps the ghost of his son, hopefully Arthur is listening from the afterlife because his dad has a lot of love for him. Despite the specificness, there’s an ambiguity, and anyone can immerse themselves in the poetry. Everyone has to deal with loss)






Happens to the Heart by Leonard Cohen

(Chill-inducing, from his upcoming posthumous album, out November 22)






All Mirrors by Angel Olsen
(Possibly the most beautiful song of 2019. She gives Elizabeth Fraser a run for her money)







You Ain’t The Problem by Michael Kiwanuka
 (I just love the lyrics. A future classic)






Good Luck by Broken Bells
(A welcome return)






Vampires (instrumental) by Bat For Lashes
(Inspired by 80s culture, my favorite off the album. If you want to know what her influences are she revealed some of them in What’s In My Bag? )







UFOF by Big Thief
(Sad yet gorgeous. This group is getting a lot of attention and rightly so)








End is Nigh by Alex Cameron
(Morbidly hilarious. Continues the dead pan humor which was a feature on his superb last album. Sometimes Cameron’s writing is off-putting. This melody is a winner)







Hope you find one or two you like. As always, comments are welcome 

10 thoughts on “New songs I’m listening to

    1. @ninvoid99: The new Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds got fantastic reviews and while it’s a demanding listen due to the length and melancholy, it’s definitely full of emotion and love. His singing has evolved in recent years and the anger from earlier projects has gone.

      I’m familiar with ELO, mostly for the hits. Impressive Jeff Lynne keeps on going


  1. I read that Nick Cave’s previous album wasn’t actually about his son – he’d already written it and it was a coincidence it was melancholy.

    Big Thief are super good – the newer album has some great tracks too.

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    1. @Aphoristical: That is true most of Skeleton Tree (2016) was written before the tragedy. Acccording to wikipedia, several lyrics were amended during subsequent recording sessions and feature themes of death, loss and personal grief.

      Ghosteen (2019) is about the aftermath of his son’s death (“Hollywood” depicts Cave buying a house in LA to escape the sadness of Brighton), “Waiting for You” in all likelihood explores waiting for his partner Susie to return from a state of grief. Another reviewer argued the LP is “in pursuit of answers to the biggest questions – faith, existence, mortality”

      Big Thief have been very productive this year! I can hardly keep up.

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    1. Had a listen to all!
      That Leonard Cohen song. Incredible piece of music. Thanks for the share mate. Tough act to follow!
      Disliked everything about that Angel Olsen song, sorry man I know you dug it lol. Same with the next…Big Thief seemed ok and I liked that Alex Cameron track a lot. Thanks for the new music Chris. I struggle to find new music I like so I look forward to your next new music post

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    2. @jeremyjames: I haven’t. Cave’s recent albums are quite personal, so I could imagine his blog is too. Just haven’t gotten around to it yet.
      Thanks for checking out the selections
      I had fairly low expectations for Cohen’s posthumous album but an unexpectedly great teaser track.
      Alex Cameron’s album Miami Memory is hard to stomach because of his writing style but he won me over with ”End is Nigh” and also the track ”Divorce”.
      Music posts will continue, mostly older tunes. Thinking of doing a favorite songs series.


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