Older song discoveries: October




You can listen to the playlist which will be updated as the year progresses.




My Name is Carnival by Jackson C. Frank (1965)
(Included on the Joker soundtrack. If you read the lyrics you can see why. In the film, Arthur hears it on the radio)








We Can Work It Out (Beatles cover) by Stevie Wonder (1970)
(From Wonder’s album Signed, Sealed & Delivered. Paul McCartney recently talked to Stephen Colbert about the best Beatles covers, the discussion starts at 6.03 in the video)








On the Wall (demo version) by The Jesus & Mary Chain (1988) 
A hypnotic track from Barbed Wire Kisses (B-Sides & More). Arguably better than the studio album version on 1987’s Darklands. Chromatics’ new album Closer to Grey (2019) includes a beautiful cover of On the Wall, it starts at 31.30)








After Midnight by JJ Cale (1972)
(Love Cale’s laid-back approach. He’s been added to the explore list. Thanks Rol)








Jingo by Santana (1969)
(Thanks CB. I like that you can hear the different instruments/players. Has a lot of spirit)








What Have I Done? by Cursive (2009)
(A random YouTube discovery thanks to youtuber _ 404 who liked a comment of mine. I don’t listen to Emo very often, the closing ballad on Cursive’s album Mama, I’m Swollen. Lyrics about achievement and if you have done enough in your life)









Papa was a Rodeo by Magnetic Fields (1999)
Thanks Stephen1001 who ranked the entirety of the epic 69 Love Songs. I listened to his top 10 and found these gems, including Sweet-Lovin’ Man and Epitaph for My Heart . Don’t know if I have the stamina for the whole album! )







If You Give To Me by Barrington Levy (1979)
(Wolfman shared his desert island discs which was great fun to explore. A nice discovery was this Jamaican singer and reggae artist)








Show Me the Way by Peter Frampton (1976)
(If I was alive in the 1970s, I’m sure I couldn’t have avoided it. From the very successful live album Frampton Comes Alive! which I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never listened to)







Shame by Evelyn Champagne King (1977)
In terms of disco, I don’t know what is what. Her signature song is endlessly replayable. Also discovered King’s 1980 single Let’s Get Funky Tonight )







October by U2 (1981)
(I struggle to enjoy Bono’s vocal for an entire album. This quiter, melancholy piano driven track can be found on their lesser known album October. Surprisingly different to what they were doing at the time. We are still in October so another reason to share!)






What do you think? As always, comments are welcome

11 thoughts on “Older song discoveries: October

  1. Hey thanks for the linkage Chris and nice to hear you got to listen to Mr Barrington Levy. In 1984 he had a huge hit with the ganja anthem “Under Mi Sensi”. I love his scat singing style along side his wonderfully unique voice.

    I do have the Evelyn Champagne King tune 12″ in my collection. Nice groover. I think my favourite by her on her 1977 debut LP is “The Show Is Over” A really chilled “dumping song” LOL. Nice mellow synths too and her voice is a beauty. All the best buddy… Mikey

    Liked by 1 person

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