Retrospective: Favorite songs of the 2010s (#1)






Happy New Year! There’s no denying there are less classics today that everyone knows. Music tastes have diversified and people are less inclined to trust the radio and prefer to make their own playlists. Albums seem to be less important to the masses as new recreational interests fight for our attention. In this new series, I will defend the 2010s and highlight some of its defining hits and underappreciated gems that got lost in the clutter. Three songs at a time. Hope you enjoy.






Home Again.jpg
Tell Me A Tale by Michael Kiwanuka (2012)

(Kiwanuka still hasn’t topped this track from his debut Home Again. Very 70s and the writing and singing are fantastic)






I'm New Here by Gil Scott Heron.jpg
I’m New Here by Gil Scott-Heron (2010)

(Gil Scott-Heron (who passed away in 2011) made a welcome late career comeback with wise words and things to say. Known primarily for his 70s and 80s work, I’m New Here was his first studio album in 16 years)








all hell.jpg
A Young Girl’s World by Daughn Gibson (2012)
(“He’s drunk in his sadness” is such a powerful lyric.  He sells the melancholy of getting older with the deep baritone vocal. From his first and best album All Hell which also includes the hypnotizing single Lookin’ Back On 99 )










What do you think? As always, comments are welcome

10 thoughts on “Retrospective: Favorite songs of the 2010s (#1)

  1. I do really like Michael Kiwanuka’s new one “You Ain’t The Problem”
    It starts slow, then goes Curtis Mayfield percussion meets Rotary Connection child like singing. Then Michael hits, it keeps growing to it’s hooked you in and you smile and wanna dance in field.

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  2. @Brittani: I thought about posting my songs of the decade as one big list. Prefer to split it up into a series. 50-100 songs at once is overwhelming to anyone and just bonkers lol. I’ll probably share the entire playlist when I’m done though.

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  3. Some interesting picks here. I wasn’t all that taken by Kiwanuka prior to his latest album, but I’m planning on revisiting his other stuff given I have a bit more time for him now.

    That Gil Scott-Heron tube is from an album of ace tunes. Incredible stuff. That album is probably my favourite of his and is on my decade list (not posted yet).

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    1. @J: Thanks, I find Kiwanuka’s albums quite patchy with the occasional great song. His most consistent album might be his latest from 2019 even if the writing at times is bordering on platitude. Love & Hate (2016) wants to be a classic and almost gets there, a bit long-winded though with too much repetition in the lyrics

      Interested to hear your thoughts on Gil Scott-Heron’s LP. I’ve been meaning to revisit the album Haven’t explored his older stuff.


      1. I do really like his recent one. Listening to Love & Hate again I still don’t feel much for it… maybe it’s trying too hard to be a classic?

        I’m New Here is an incredible album. Loads of reflection, weight, and truth in there. A genuinely moving listen.

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