Older song discoveries: September






You can now listen as a playlist which will be updated as the year progresses.
Also, I’ve decided not to share Queen discoveries here as I did that in a previous post.




The Faith Healer by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (1974)
(From the Glam rock era. Great riff and ahead of its time, the intensity keeps building, with shades of heavy metal. Harvey, from Scotland, died in 1982 aged only 46)





Two Tickets To Paradise by Eddie Money (1977)
(Perhaps his best known hit and a staple of classic rock radio. The singer died on 14th of September. He’s on his way to paradise. RIP)





War by Altar Ego (1983)
(Lyrics about the fear of war and nuclear disaster, with brief references in the video to “Hiroshima never again”. By a little known Australian rock group)






Livin’ On The Edge Of The Night by Iggy Pop (1989)
(Iggy was less popular in the 80s. This single ventures into mainstream although he doesn’t sell out on the impactful lyrics. I also enjoy the memorable chorus. From original motion picture soundtrack to movie Black Rain)





The Warrior by Scandal (1984)
(Empowering words sung by  Patty Smyth who also had a solo career. Used in the opening credits to Netflix’s retro 80s show GLOW)






Lotta Love by Nicolette Larson (1978)
(A delightful cover of the Neil Young original. Much of Young’s album Comes a Time (1978) features harmony vocals by Larson)






Stay With Me Till Dawn by Judie Tzuke (1979)
(Thanks Rol. Beautiful single from her debut album)






To Her Door by Paul Kelly (1987)
(Australian singer-songwriter I had not heard of yet he’s been active for years. Thanks Aphoristical . Kelly’s How To Make Gravy is worth adding to your Christmas playlist)






Shine on Harvest Moon by Leon Redbone (1977)
(Alyson continues her enjoyable Moon series and shared this obscure artist. A RYM user described Redbone as having a “sleepy vocal”. Influenced by ragtime/dixieland music, his style is certainly of a bygone era)






I’m an Adult Now by The Pursuit of Happiness (1988)
(Canadian punk rock. Thanks stephen1001 who mentioned the relatable lyric: “I can’t take too much loud music, I mean I like to play it, but I sure don’t like the racket!”)






Man’s Best Friend (Instrumental) by George Clinton (1983)
Yella by Tom Tom Club & Mr Yellow (1982) 
(These two finds are funky. Thanks Wolfman for introducting me to YouTube channel Electronic Beats TV where musicians talk about obscure, quality b-sides)






Heard Ramona Sing by Frank Black (1993)
I recently watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010). A very interesting soundtrack concept. The film’s teenage bands were all assigned real-life counterparts in Metric (Clash at Demonhead), Broken Social Scene (Crash and the Boys) and Beck (Sex Bob-Omb). The Frank Black 90s song is my favorite discovery while the best of the concept songs is arguably Beck’s Ramona)







What do you think? As always, comments are welcome

8 thoughts on “Older song discoveries: September

  1. In recent weeks, I was re-listening to the Cars a lot as the song that is stuck in my head a lot is “Touch and Go” as I learned that it was a favorite of John Lennon’s before he died as he mentioned in one of his last interviews how much he liked the band a lot and that song.

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    1. @jeremyjames: Thanks, glad you liked the Frank Black track, I’ve heard him compared to Pixies.

      Listened to most of Young’s important 70s albums but not Comes a Time (1978). I should put that right one of these days!


      1. It’s a great album. A tad softer than some of the others but fantastic.
        You know Frank Black was the lead singer in the pixies right…his music sounds more or the same as the pixies…just not as good! Great voice though eh. Heard the pixies in London for their Doolittle reunion tour about 10 years ago. What a show~

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    2. @jeremyjames: oops(!), I didn’t realize he’s lead singer and Frank Black was the solo stuff. I see Black is also a member of Grand Duchy and Frank Black and The Catholics. You live and learn. As you can tell, I’m not that familiar with the Pixies(aside from the Fight Club end credits song)

      You have me interested in checking out Comes a Time, thanks for the rec

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