Older song discoveries of the month: January




I haven’t listened to any albums (old or new) in January so this post will focus on songs I found instead. I hope you enjoy them as well.






Say You Will by Blanket Of Secrecy (1982)
(Wow. My most played song this year so far. Love the vocal delivery and should be better known. A lost 80s classic)





Hello In There by John Prine (1971)
(Thanks Aphoristical. A few music bloggers have raved about John Prine in recent months, I’ll try and get to the singer/songwriter’s beloved self-titled debut LP this year)






Skyline Pigeon by Elton John (1969)
(From the end credits of The Favourite (2018). From his debut album Empty Sky which seems to get less attention compared to his early 70s records. Maybe that’s why the song is new to me.)







Balek by Placebo (1973)
(Thanks Wolfman. A lesser known, brilliant jazz fusion instrumental from Belgium)






Too Young For Promises by Koo De Tah (1986)
(This Australian synthpop gem didn’t disappoint)





I Can Buy You by A Camp (2001)
(Thanks Rol. Solo side project of Nina Persson of The Cardigans)






You by Ten Sharp (1991)
(Thanks Alyson for reminding me of this one-hit wonder)






Independent Love Song by Scarlet (1995)
(The song title may not be easy to remember but how could you forget that wonderful uplifting chorus?)






Satellite by The Hooters (1987)
(Eccentric video. I must have heard this one years ago and had forgotten the name of the band. The lyrics and upbeatness somehow remind me of Jump into the Fire by Harry Nilsson)







What do you think? As always, comments are welcome