Older song discoveries: December








Can’t Find My Way Home by Blind Faith/Steve Winwood (1969)
(Blind Faith were an English supergroup featuring Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, and Ric Grech)










Lizzie And The Rain Man by Tanya Tucker (1975)
(Country. I’m no expert, I’ve heard it’s her best known tune. I wonder if is the origin for the movie title Rain Man ?)









You Should All Be Murdered by Another Sunny Day (1992)
(Would not have been out of place on a Morrissey or The Smiths album. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!)










Daydream Believer by The Monkees (1968)
(An iconic song that I somehow overlooked all these years)








Gabrielle by Nips (1980)
(Punk rock. Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan’s first group)











Kiss Me Deadly by Lita Ford (1988)
(Glam metal. A hit for the lead guitarist of The Runaways. I can’t explain why, just makes me happy when I listen)











Time To Pretend by MGMT (2005)
(I think I may have undervalued MGMT because I keep stumbling upon quality stuff by them)












In My Hour Of Darkness by Gram Parsons (1974)
Country rock. Because not every day is a happy one. Emmylou Harris provides backing vocal)









Identity by X-Ray Spex (1978)
(Thanks C. A good introduction to their approach to punk. Certainly an injection of energy. “Germfree Adolescents”. What an album name! )







Send in the Clowns by Judy Collins (1975)
(I heard Frank Sinatra’s version in the Joker end credits. Collin’s version I find more affecting. Thanks Rol)









That’s Life by Frank Sinatra (1966)
(Joker soundtrack)











Willow by Joan Armatrading (1977)
(The song Devendra Banhart wishes he wrote)









Sweet Little Mystery by John Martyn (1980)
(Thanks Aphoristical.  Different to the folk material that Martyn was best known for. An emotionally charged divorce album. “It’s just that sweet little mystery that makes me try”)









If We Make It Through December by Merle Haggard (1973)
(The blogosphere usually provides a few Christmas/Winter song discoveries. Shout out  to Thom Hickey who shared a bunch of posts in December)









In the Bleak Midwinter (Christmas Carol) by Gustav Holst and Harold Darke (1906)
(Was in a crossword clue, an alternative way to discover music. Found the words and sung it when we went round the tree. A beautiful melody. Good times)






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Older song discoveries: November





You can listen to the playlist which will be updated as the year progresses.






This Strange Effect by Dave Berry (1965)
(A very haunting vocal. Should be used in a movie)








Time Has Come Today by The Chambers Brothers (1966)
(George Chambers, bassist and vocalist for psychedelic soul greats the Chambers Brothers, died age 88. This is considered their best known song)








Sea, Swallow Me by Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd (1986)
(Love Cocteau Twins. From the album The Moon and the Melodies, released under their real names Elizabeth Fraser, Robin Guthrie & Simon Raymonde)








Too Late for Goodbyes by Julian Lennon (1984)
(John Lennon’s son had a hit in the 80s. He even sings like his old man)








Payback by Jan Hammer (1986)
(Hammer is a genius with a synthesizer. From Miami Vice: The Complete Collection. Episode: Payback)








Young Folks by Peter Bjorn And John (2006)
(If you can whisle a song, it’s probably going to have a wide appeal)








Distance by Astrid (1999)
(”The sun always shines when you walk my way”.  Thanks Rol)









Sunday Morning by The Bolshoi (1986)
(Thanks Golden Eighties)







Walking In The Rain (With The One I Love) by Love Unlimited (1972)
(Female vocal trio that provided backing vocals for American R&B/soul singer Barry White on his albums and concert tours. This single by them sold over 1 million copies. At 3.10, Barry White answers the phone in his deep voice)









Love & Affection by Joan Armatrading (1976)
(Thanks Stephen1001! I ought to explore her 70s work)









Harden My Heart by Quarterflash (1981)
(Shared by Robert Horvat for his series Songs about overcoming adversity)








Ndima Ndapedza by Oliver Mtukudzi (1999)
(This Zimbabwean musician died in 2019. Thanks for highlighting him Jeremy)




I’m Not Like Everybody Else (live 1994) by The Kinks (1966)
(Great live version and timeless lyrics. I like the rebel attitude and melody. Thanks Graham/Aphoristical)




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Older song discoveries: October




You can listen to the playlist which will be updated as the year progresses.




My Name is Carnival by Jackson C. Frank (1965)
(Included on the Joker soundtrack. If you read the lyrics you can see why. In the film, Arthur hears it on the radio)








We Can Work It Out (Beatles cover) by Stevie Wonder (1970)
(From Wonder’s album Signed, Sealed & Delivered. Paul McCartney recently talked to Stephen Colbert about the best Beatles covers, the discussion starts at 6.03 in the video)








On the Wall (demo version) by The Jesus & Mary Chain (1988) 
A hypnotic track from Barbed Wire Kisses (B-Sides & More). Arguably better than the studio album version on 1987’s Darklands. Chromatics’ new album Closer to Grey (2019) includes a beautiful cover of On the Wall, it starts at 31.30)








After Midnight by JJ Cale (1972)
(Love Cale’s laid-back approach. He’s been added to the explore list. Thanks Rol)








Jingo by Santana (1969)
(Thanks CB. I like that you can hear the different instruments/players. Has a lot of spirit)








What Have I Done? by Cursive (2009)
(A random YouTube discovery thanks to youtuber _ 404 who liked a comment of mine. I don’t listen to Emo very often, the closing ballad on Cursive’s album Mama, I’m Swollen. Lyrics about achievement and if you have done enough in your life)









Papa was a Rodeo by Magnetic Fields (1999)
Thanks Stephen1001 who ranked the entirety of the epic 69 Love Songs. I listened to his top 10 and found these gems, including Sweet-Lovin’ Man and Epitaph for My Heart . Don’t know if I have the stamina for the whole album! )







If You Give To Me by Barrington Levy (1979)
(Wolfman shared his desert island discs which was great fun to explore. A nice discovery was this Jamaican singer and reggae artist)








Show Me the Way by Peter Frampton (1976)
(If I was alive in the 1970s, I’m sure I couldn’t have avoided it. From the very successful live album Frampton Comes Alive! which I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never listened to)







Shame by Evelyn Champagne King (1977)
In terms of disco, I don’t know what is what. Her signature song is endlessly replayable. Also discovered King’s 1980 single Let’s Get Funky Tonight )







October by U2 (1981)
(I struggle to enjoy Bono’s vocal for an entire album. This quiter, melancholy piano driven track can be found on their lesser known album October. Surprisingly different to what they were doing at the time. We are still in October so another reason to share!)






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Older song discoveries: September






You can now listen as a playlist which will be updated as the year progresses.
Also, I’ve decided not to share Queen discoveries here as I did that in a previous post.




The Faith Healer by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (1974)
(From the Glam rock era. Great riff and ahead of its time, the intensity keeps building, with shades of heavy metal. Harvey, from Scotland, died in 1982 aged only 46)





Two Tickets To Paradise by Eddie Money (1977)
(Perhaps his best known hit and a staple of classic rock radio. The singer died on 14th of September. He’s on his way to paradise. RIP)





War by Altar Ego (1983)
(Lyrics about the fear of war and nuclear disaster, with brief references in the video to “Hiroshima never again”. By a little known Australian rock group)






Livin’ On The Edge Of The Night by Iggy Pop (1989)
(Iggy was less popular in the 80s. This single ventures into mainstream although he doesn’t sell out on the impactful lyrics. I also enjoy the memorable chorus. From original motion picture soundtrack to movie Black Rain)





The Warrior by Scandal (1984)
(Empowering words sung by  Patty Smyth who also had a solo career. Used in the opening credits to Netflix’s retro 80s show GLOW)






Lotta Love by Nicolette Larson (1978)
(A delightful cover of the Neil Young original. Much of Young’s album Comes a Time (1978) features harmony vocals by Larson)






Stay With Me Till Dawn by Judie Tzuke (1979)
(Thanks Rol. Beautiful single from her debut album)






To Her Door by Paul Kelly (1987)
(Australian singer-songwriter I had not heard of yet he’s been active for years. Thanks Aphoristical . Kelly’s How To Make Gravy is worth adding to your Christmas playlist)






Shine on Harvest Moon by Leon Redbone (1977)
(Alyson continues her enjoyable Moon series and shared this obscure artist. A RYM user described Redbone as having a “sleepy vocal”. Influenced by ragtime/dixieland music, his style is certainly of a bygone era)






I’m an Adult Now by The Pursuit of Happiness (1988)
(Canadian punk rock. Thanks stephen1001 who mentioned the relatable lyric: “I can’t take too much loud music, I mean I like to play it, but I sure don’t like the racket!”)






Man’s Best Friend (Instrumental) by George Clinton (1983)
Yella by Tom Tom Club & Mr Yellow (1982) 
(These two finds are funky. Thanks Wolfman for introducting me to YouTube channel Electronic Beats TV where musicians talk about obscure, quality b-sides)






Heard Ramona Sing by Frank Black (1993)
I recently watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010). A very interesting soundtrack concept. The film’s teenage bands were all assigned real-life counterparts in Metric (Clash at Demonhead), Broken Social Scene (Crash and the Boys) and Beck (Sex Bob-Omb). The Frank Black 90s song is my favorite discovery while the best of the concept songs is arguably Beck’s Ramona)







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Older song discoveries: August







Bring a Little Lovin’ by Los Bravos (1968)
(Once Upon a Time in Hollywood soundtrack)








All Together Now by The Farm (1990)
(A powerful anti-war anthem. Wouldn’t have been out of place on a U2 album. I read has been used by numerous football teams since, as well as by the Labour Party (UK) for their 2017 General Election campaign)







Feel A Pain by Hydra (1974)
(Lesser known southern rock)







It’s a Beautiful Day by White Bird (1969)
(We’ve all got to fly, or we will die)







Knowing You From Today by Sideway Look (1984)
(Arguably Echo & the Bunnymen clones. Beautiful guitars)







Live It Up by Mental as Anything (1985)
(Appears in the 1986 film Crocodile Dundee. Thanks Alyson)






Constant Craving by KD Lang (1992)
(Stumbled upon an article on BBC Entertainment which mentioned this was a #1 single in the 90s)







Nothin’ But A Good Time by Poison (1988)
(Sure the lyrics are clichéed, hair metal rockers singing about a good time with women and wine. The lyric is still effective because addresses the daily “same old, same old” we all go through)







Getting Away With It by Electronic (1991)
(Thanks Rol. Didn’t know there was a Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr supergroup! On this track Pet Shop Boys also contributed)







Psycho (cover) by Jack Kittel (1974)
(A twisted country song for the time it was made, the 1968 original is sung by Eddie Noack, and covered by various artists. Thanks Maya Hawke)







Look Sharp! by Joe Jackson (1978)
(Thanks moulty58 at The Future is Past)







They Don’t Know by Kirsty MacColl (1979)
(Kirsty MacColl’s original has more feeling than Tracey Ullman’s sweet, poppy 80s version. Both good though)







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