Top 20 songs of 2019 so far (#1 – #10)



bruce-springsteen western stars


If you prefer to listen on Spotify, I created a playlist of the top 20







Western Stars by Bruce Springsteen
(His best song in years. A relaxed, nostalgic, summer-time mood)







Seventeen by Sharon Van Etten
(A strong melody and relatable lyrics about looking back to when you were young and free)







A Lot’s Gonna Change by Weyes Blood
(A lovely vocal performance and beautiful production. Lyrics that feel both personal and universal. Album of the year)







i love you by Billie Eilish
(Eilish got a lot of attention this year for her teen rebellion hit Bad Guy. I prefer the soft acoustic ballad i love you for its vulnerability and sense of heartache. Sometimes less is more








When The Working Day Is Done by The Divine Comedy
(The closing track could well be a Divine Comedy classic. A beautiful orchestral outro, exploring the routine of going home after work and the hollowness of an unfulfilling job)







Summon The Fire by The Comet Is Coming
(Euphoric jazz instrumental. If you think the saxophone is dead, think again. Saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings is on fire)








People’s Faces by Kate Tempest 
(An emotional call for change, encouraging salvation in nature and through authentic human connections. About the emptiness of consumerism and masquerade. A sister song to Hold Your Own on the same album which deals with similar issues)








True Blue (featuring Angel Olsen) by Mark Ronson
(The passionate vocal performance won me over. Distorted vocals can be hit or miss but the experiment works here. Might be my song of the summer)









Catch Me If You Can by The Cranberries
(Probably the darkest and most ambiguous track on the album. Describes suffering and the need for escape. Maybe about an addiction. The song made even more heartbreaking in the context of how the singer died. RIP Dolores O’Riordan)









I Got You by The O’Jays
(An unexpected comeback by a group I thought had retired! A catchy single)







What do you think? As always, comments are welcome

14 thoughts on “Top 20 songs of 2019 so far (#1 – #10)

  1. God I am so out of touch with new stuff. That Billie Eilish gets mentioned all over and I have no idea who or what this is. All i know is that use of her song in Brighttburn was awful


    1. @Sati: Bad Guy is a fun pop tune (inspiring a bunch of memes) . Haven’t seen Brightburn, using it in the context of a horror/sci-fi movie is an odd choice


  2. The Springsteen tune is great… easily one of the best songs he’s written in the last 10 years or so. In fact, the album is the best thing he’s released in about 15 years. My opinion, of course.

    I also like the Weyes Blood and Billie Eilish tunes.

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    1. @J: Need to give Springsteen’s a few more plays for my opinion to settle, I wouldn’t put it up there with his best work but it’s certainly pleasant.

      I hope Eilish continues to create songs in the vein of “i love you” which struck a chord.

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  3. I’m familiar with most of these, but never bumped into Billie Eilish before – she’s only 17? Bloody hell I feel old! I also had no idea that The O’Jays were still around – their tune is a quality old-school banger.
    I like Bruce’s album a lot, but the title track isn’t my favourite song on it – he’s reused the tune from ‘All That Heaven Will Allow’ and I can’t get that out of my head when I hear this.
    Oh, and a note to self – I must spend some quality time with the Weyes Blood and Sharon Van Etten albums.

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    1. @The Swede: Billie Eilish is home-schooled and from a musical family, making music with her brother. I think I heard she is the first artist born in the 2000s to have an album go #1

      The O’Jays song is from their final album The Last Word, they’ve still got something to say, and I love the upbeat lyrics which make the listener feel good

      I just listened to Springsteen’s “All that Heaven Will Allow” again from the 1987 LP, I can hear a slight similarity but I don’t think the tunes are identical

      Hope you like the Weyes Blood and Sharon Van Etten albums.


  4. Western Stars isn’t my favourite song on the album either, but I’d go along with your assertion that it’s his best work in years. I’ll have more to say on that soonish.

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    1. @Alex Withrow: Was an unexpected surprise to stumble upon a new song by The O’Jays. The lead singer Eddie Levert is 77! Haven’t heard the album.


  5. Very nice song by Springsteen. Similar to the songs on Nebraska, but lifted by smooth orchestration. He’s come a long ways from Asbury Park, N.J. Give him a cigarette and cowboy hat in that photo, and he’s the Marlboro Man!

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    1. @greenpete58: Sorry for the late reply. I’m happy you enjoyed the track. There’s a blogger I follow who says Western Stars is the best album Springsteen has released since 1987’s Tunnel of Love.

      ha ha, you’re right about the Marlboro Man.


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