Older song discoveries: June






Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show by Neil Diamond (1969)
(Once Upon a Time in Hollywood soundtrack/trailer music)







I Can’t Stand the Rain by Ann Peebles (1973)
(Beautiful, lesser known soul classic. Thanks Rol)








On My Radio by The Selecter (1979)
(Energetic ska tune. This kind of music just doesn’t get made any more)









Spitfire by Public Service Broadcasting (2012)
(Nice riff. Mixing historical audio with music, I ought to check out their album Inform – Educate – Entertain before I compile my best of the decade list. Go! from the 2015 record The Race for Space is exhilarating as well)









Streets Of Bakersfield by Buck Owens (1973)
(The duet with Dwight Yoakam became a country hit in 1988. I prefer the original from the 70s. Wonderful lyrics. Thanks Thom)










Controversy by Prince (1982/2004)
(If this was what I could expect from a live Prince gig I definitely missed out. Unaired on Ellen DeGeneres)









Love…Thy Will Be Done by Martika (1991)
(In June, the Prince estate released his original version which I like for the haunting vocal performance, although the song is a demo and feels incomplete. The Martika version has a fully formed production)








Manic Monday by Prince (1984)
(The vault song Prince fans wanted to hear. My favorite from Prince’s newly released Originals album. Previously a hit by The Bangles)









F.F.A. by The Leather Nun (1983)
(An obscure 80s B-side by the Swedish rock group. From soundtrack of Nicolas Winding Refn’s new TV-series Too Old To Die Young)







What do you think? As always, comments are welcome

22 thoughts on “Older song discoveries: June

  1. I heard some songs from Prince’s The Originals as the one for “Manic Monday” is just awesome. The video made me tear up as it just sounds so innocent. I love what I’ve heard from the album so far including “Make-Up” which is my favorite so far as it sounds ahead of its time. Proof of how much of a genius Prince is as a songwriter.

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    1. @ninvoid99: I’m happy we finally have an official version of “Manic Monday” by Prince. Not sure yet about the rest of the LP, some of the material is growing on me though.


    1. @jeremyjames: music blogs, soundtracks and YouTube are places I look for older music. I keep adding to my Discographies to explore in the future list on RYM


    2. @jeremyjames: My main reason to follow new albums is to complete a decade project I’m working on(2010-2019). I don’t see myself doing the same for 2020-2029 as the older music interests me more.


  2. A bit of an eclectic mix. I haven’t heard any of the ‘new’ Prince album, though I’m a wee bit curious, but had been a wee bit reluctant (the cash grab of a posthumous demo release – likely to be a bit hit and miss (naturally) and perhaps only really worth it to the biggest of fans). I’ll likely check it out at some point, right enough.

    I Can’t Stand The Rain is a tune I know mostly because of Lowell George (his version is great), so it’s good to finally hear the original!

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    1. @J: Yes, the “new” Prince demo album is a bit hit and miss though some tunes don’t feel like “demos”

      Thanks for sharing the Lowell George version of “I Can’t Stand The Rain” which I agree is very good.

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  3. When I was young I thought I’d written a new song – It was called I Can’t Stand The Rain. It wasn’t until I was a bit older I discovered the Ann Peebles song and realised I had subliminally absorbed it and thought I’d come up with the lyrics myself. Glad you enjoyed the song I thought I’d written!

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  4. Interesting list of songs mate, Public Service Broadcasting are awesome, they have a whole album with quotes from Kennedy and whatnot about going to the moon. Its somehow hypnotic even though not much happens musically.

    I normally wouldn’t like it but this Buck Owens song is fuckin catchy!

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    1. @Jordan Dodd: Thanks, I’m going to look into Public Service Broadcasting’s work before I publish my best albums of the 2010s list

      The Buck Owens tune is so well-wriiten and catchy that I think it crosses over to non-country fans as well

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      1. yeah that tune really does cross over. I dislike the genre but liked the song. Kinda like the songs from Hell or High Water – the picks were perfect cos they were able to cross over like you said.

        Yeah def look into Public Service Broadcasting. The Race For Space is just hypnotic

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      1. Fair enough mate! I wish I could afford to do that too, tho for me there isn’t much new music I like, if any. I’d love to support new artists. But I find it hard to feel bad when downloading stuff that is decades old yknow?
        Plus I also have my own warped vision of art… such as the music I create, my book that will be published once I polish it properly… as an ‘artist’ I’d be happy just if people liked my creations. That’d be the pinnacle for me, knowing people like my music or writing. Whether I make money or not, I really don’t care!

        But of course money makes the world go around, making my ideals as relevant as fairy-tales hehe =P

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