Older song discoveries: March





For What It’s Worth by Talk Talk (b-side) (1986)
(RIP Mark Hollis. Another favorite from Asides/Besides is It’s Getting Late In the Evening)





Meet On The Ledge by Fairport Convention (1969)
(Sandy Denny’s vocal adds a lot to Fairport Convention. Sad she died so young)





Martha’s Harbour by All About Eve ‎(1988)
(And speaking of Sandy Denny, Julianne Regan has a beautiful voice too and has been compared to her. Thanks Rol)





Heaven is a Place I’m Moving to by The Blow Monkeys (1986)
(I love the lyric “This is my time”. To me, the closer from Animal Magic is superior to the album’s hit single Digging Your Scene)






I’m Not by Dora Gola (2016)
(Blogger Crazy Classic Rock interviewed the singer. The song is very cinematic and I like Gola’s vocal performance)





I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing by The New Seekers (1971)
(As a YouTube commenter said: “the ultimate rainbows-and-unicorns-and-marshmallow-fluff song, gives me a sugar-overdose in the best possible sense”)






Pretty Pink Rose by Adrian Belew and David Bowie (1990)
(A lesser known Bowie gem)






New Directions by The Foundations (1968)
(Darker b-side to Build Me Up Buttercup. Thanks C )






Tarantula (Colourbox cover) by This Mortal Coil (1986)
Beck released his own 2019 cover to coincide with Music Inspired by the Film ROMA. The 1986 version is the most affecting, lovely piano. The Colourbox original is from 1982/83)






The Sound of the Suburbs by The Members (1979)
(A punk classic)




Jenny (867-5309) by Tommy Tutone (1981)
(Catchy tune. The 1980s keeps on giving. Listed as #36 on VH1: ‘100 Greatest Songs of the 80’s)




Daytime Nighttime Suffering by Wings (1979)
(Should be better known. You can read about the b-side at Aphoristical’s site)






Strange and Beautiful by Aqualung (2002)
(I need to get my hands on Aqualung’s self-titled debut LP. This opener from the album is so haunting. You get the feeling the words come from an authentic place)






19 by Paul Hardcastle (1985)
(An odd mix of Vietnam history lesson and electro synthpop dance music. It somehow works)





Save Your Kisses For Me by Brotherhood Of Man (1976)
(Cringeworthy dancing in the video. Unforgettable chorus. UK winner of the Eurovision song contest)





Holding Back The Years by Simply Red (1985)
(An 80s classic. His slow songs I gravitate towards the most. Hucknall’s cover of If You Don’t Know Me by Now is another that never gets old)





Heathers Soundtrack by David Newman (1988)
(Eerie score)



What do you think? Any favorites? As always, comments are welcome

13 thoughts on “Older song discoveries: March

  1. The very last scene in Mad Men featured that New Seekers song which had become the Coke advert song. Two mentions here for groups who have represented the UK in Eurovision – Doesn’t often happen in blogging circles so well done.

    I too love Holding Back the Years but Mr Hucknell is one of these artists who never gets mentioned in blogging circles but I’ve never quite worked out why.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. @Alyson: I haven’t watched Mad Men, thanks for the piece of info

      Eurovision songs and Simply Red tend to be guilty pleasures I suppose


  2. I discovered the original version of “Tarantula” by Colourbox as I’ve only heard the versions by This Mortal Coil and Beck. I never liked that song “Jenny” as it just got overplayed to death for me growing up. That song by Bowie and Adrian Belew is an underrated gem.

    I re-discovered “The Sun Doesn’t Shine Anymore” and “Nite Flights” by Scott Walker as I’ve been listening to him a lot lately since his passing as he is just an incredible artist.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. @ninvoid99: Nice to have all those versions of Tarantula.

      That can happen if we hear a song too often!

      I can’t understand I never listened to Scott Walker or even knew his name before his death. Need to catch up.


  3. I never cease to be impressed by your eclectic choices, Chris! It’s great that you’re so open-minded and include such a variety. The Members single was a favourite from my youth, and thanks for including that great Foundations B-side. ‘Meet On The Ledge’ is excellent too and we have a few Sandy Denny era Fairport Convention albums on the shelves here. Do you know their track ‘Who Knows Where The Time Goes”? I think you’d like it too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. @C: Yes, I am a curious person and with posts like this I try to encourage curiosity in others.

      I enjoyed “Who Knows Where The Time Goes” and will feature in next month’s round-up!


  4. Holding Back The Years is the only one I’m familiar with here. Heard it a lot growing up and it still gets a fair bit of airplay on the right stations (the wrong stations for me!). I’m not actually a fan, but Simply Red’s earlier stuff is definitely better to the stuff he threw out post Stars.

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