Top 50 songs of 2017 countdown (#35-#31)



Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit


31.)  Anxiety by Jason Isbell and 400 Unit
(Americana/ Country. Recommended by Rol at My Top Ten. A timeless, affecting  anthem. If you ever deal with anxiety or know others who do, the song is comforting by reminding the listener you are not alone with these emotions. Even if you are not a constant worrier, it’s still a good, maybe even great, song. My only gripe is the long-ish 7 minute running time)




32.)  All American Made Margo Price
(Country.  While there is a homage to the late Tom Petty’s American Girl (she even references Petty in the lyrics), I think the new song manages to be its own entity, by talking about her own life and the times we live in. It’s not THAT similar to Petty. The album version includes sound bites from the news and gospel-like backing singers. Alternatively, you can  listen to a shorter, stripped down (live?) version of the same song on YouTube which I might actually prefer for its simplicity)





33.)  Burn Your Life Down  (Tegan and Sara cover) by Bleachers
(Better than the 2007 original? I think so. A moving, soft-spoken ballad that reminds me of The National or L’Amour by Lewis. A late find thanks to Josh’s 2017 music round-up. A YouTuber wrote: “I’m feeling just like that time when I listened to “Hurt” by Johnny Cash for the first time. This is so beautiful it hurts”. Another highlight on same album is the excellent demo Miami Still, which in time I may grow to appreciate even more than Burn Your Life Down)




34.) Take Me Away by Maximón
(Tricky to pigeonhole their music, dark dream pop? Never would have found this Louisville based indie band without the help of We Listen for You who included Take Me Away among their Best Tracks of 2017.  As a reviewer noted, the vocal is not entirely unlike Adam Granduciel of The War on Drugs. In other moments, such as Evernight, reminiscent of Joy Division/Bauhaus. The album If Yes Do is available to stream)





35.) Saved By A Waif  by Alvvays
(Took me a few listens to get into the new Alvvays album, which has a dreamy, jangle pop production. If you want something undemanding and pleasant, this album is a good option. Saved by a Waif wasn’t a single but easily could have been!)





What do you think? As always, comments are welcome

8 thoughts on “Top 50 songs of 2017 countdown (#35-#31)

  1. I don’t know the other tracks here, but Jason Isbell’s Anxiety is pretty great. His solo stuff has been getting stronger and stronger and that whole album is a cracker!


    1. @J: To be honest, I’m not familiar with Jason Isbell’s discography(he’s on my list of artists I want to explore). That particular song is potentially a future classic, the lyrics could have been written 100 years ago!

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      1. Definitely worth exploring. Here We Rest is perhaps my favourite, but there’s no doubt that he’s gotten better and better over each release. He and his old pal Patterson Hood are two of my current favourite songwriters.

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  2. Listened to all of these tracks. I really like American Made and Saved by a Waif. The former felt simple, but still managed great depth. The latter was just fun since it gave me a nice 80s vibe. Didn’t care much for the others.

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    1. @Wendell: Thanks for taking the time to listen, that’s partly why I do these lists so others can find new music. Those two you liked, as you noted, are good for different reasons.
      I prefer Margo Price’s 2016 debut album Midwest Farmer’s Daughter for the melodies, All American Made is for me the best track on her second album-which has been described as “one of the most political country records in years”


  3. I must be more ignorant of the modern music scene than I thought, because I have yet to see a song I’ve heard of! 🙂 But thank you for introducing me to some new stuff. I liked Saved by a Waif especially, and Take Me Away as well. Can’t wait to see what’s higher up the list.

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    1. @sgliput: Glad you found a couple you liked 🙂 That Alvvays album is worth checking out and it’s only 30 minutes long.
      Hopefully you’ll recognize a few of the artists higher up on the list. I like to promote the lesser known names if I think their music is good.


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