Songs for your iPod

(2 tracks from the album Brainwashed released in 2002 shortly after George Harrison’s passing)

Any Road – George Harrison

Rising Sun – George Harrison

Handle With Care – Traveling Wilburys

(My favourite track by the Traveling Wilburys, a band Harrison joined in the late 80s)

Readers, any thoughts on this week’s music? Next time, first part of a Belle and Sebastian songathon!

Songs for your iPod

(Was recommended All Things Must Pass (1970) – George Harrison by thebigparade. The album tracks keep getting deleted, so a few of these are live versions)

Let It Down (acoustic) – George Harrison

Run Of The Mill (Acoustic) – George Harrison

I Live For You – George Harrison

Some other tracks I liked from the album: Beware Of Darkness, Isn’t It A Pity (Version Two), I’d Have You Anytime. The hits are ok, but wouldn’t call them my favourites: My sweet lord, what is life

Readers, do you like/dislike George Harrison’s music, any thoughts?

Look out next week for some of his more recent stuff!