Top 10 songs of 2018, bonus tracks, and playlist





To listen to the music, I created Spotify and YouTube playlists. I reserve the right to alter the list if I change my mind or stumble upon new stuff that impresses! Below is my top 10:




Keep Reachin sung by Chaka Khan 
(Nice and funky. A great find from end credits of new Quincy Jones documentary. If the song had been cut down to 3 minutes it would have been stronger. But still pretty awesome)







The Crossing by Alejandro Escovedo
(From his concept album on immigration, the affecting title track which also has a brilliant melody attached. I’d go so far and say it’s a modern classic already)









Slow Burn by Kacey Musgraves 
(A couple of other bloggers gushed over this and I have to admit they’re right! Doesn’t get stale and what a voice! )









Crazy, Classic, Life by Janelle Monáe
(Empowering lyrics and maybe the best pop chorus of the year)







Shallow by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper
(From A Star Is Born soundtrack. Not many Oscar songs gave me chills in recent years but Shallow did ! Hope it wins Best Song. Haven’t seen the film)






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