Unreleased 80s Prince songs you should hear

With the new Prince song I shared yesterday reminding me of his vault, I did a bit of googling. I discovered quite a few leaked unreleased songs. some good, others not. The best of my finds you can listen to below: Moonbeam Levels (1982) Extraloveable (1982) Do Yourself A Favor (1982) Lust U Always (1982) Empty Room (1985) … Continue reading Unreleased 80s Prince songs you should hear

Favorite songs by Prince (tracks 20-11)

11 Anna Stesia (From 1988’s Lovesexy)(Love this, both musically and lyrically masterful. Would be in the top 10 if the ending had been as strong as the first 80% of the track. Interesting title, which could be interpreted as the drug anaesthesia. Perhaps that love is like a drug addiction) 12  When You Were Mine (From 1980’s Dirty … Continue reading Favorite songs by Prince (tracks 20-11)