Favorite cover songs of the decade




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Most of the picks add an extra dimension of emotion, new instrumentals, or change the pacing. Some of these are covers of classics. Others are recent tunes which got a makeover.

Here’s a link to the playlist which also includes the originals in the second half of the tracklist. The Julia Holter cover is not in the playlist as only available on soundcloud.
Obviously R Kelly has fallen out of favor but that shouldn’t diminish the work by the cover artist. Enjoy!

*I haven’t had a chance to listen to the new album Women Sing Waits by Various Artists which Rol just reviewed.




Johnny and Mary (Robert Palmer cover) by Bryan Ferry & Todd Terje (2014)







Love Is Blindness  (U2 cover) by Jack White (2011)








Hey Moon (Molly Nilsson cover) by John Maus (2011)







I’m Movin’ On (Hank Snow cover) by Waylon Jennings & Johnny Cash (1980s/2014)







Turnpike Ghost (Steel Train Cover) by Tegan and Sara (2010)







When You Sleep (My Bloody Valentine cover) Memoryhouse (2010)






Doin’ Time (Sublime cover) by Lana Del Rey (2019)









Relief (R Kelly cover) by Sam Amidon (2010)









The Last One To Be Loved (Burt Bacharach/Dionne Warwick cover) by Rumer (2016)








Into the Black (Neil Young cover) by Chromatics (2012)









Burn Your Life Down (Tegan and Sara cover) by Bleachers (2017)









To Look At You (INXS cover) by Julia Holter (2011)









Live In Dreams (Wild Nothing Cover) by High Highs (2010)






I Gotta Go (Little Walter cover) by The Rolling Stones (2015)






That Lucky Old Sun (Frankie Laine cover) by Bob Dylan (1986/2017)
(I prefer the Under the Covers (Live) version released in 2017 which as far as I can tell is a bootleg recorded with Tom Petty and backing singers from 1986. The Strangers in the Night rendition from 2015 is more stripped down)









Heroes (David Bowie cover) by Peter Gabriel (2010)






Hold On (Tom Waits cover) by Aimee Mann








Wayfaring Stranger (Burl Ives cover) by Neil Young and Crazy Horse







Wu Tang Clan (The French cover) by Allo Darlin’








What do you think? As always, comments are welcome

16 thoughts on “Favorite cover songs of the decade

    1. @Aphoristical: They are good singers but I prefer the 70s and 80s versions of that song. I think Highwomen needed to feature iconic country vocalists like Emmylou Harris and D Parton for the female version to hold the same weight as the 80s supergroup. But that’s just me. My idea kind of already happened with the Trio (1987) album.

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      1. It’s an interesting dilemma – doing it with younger artists (although one of the Highwomen is in her forties, so they’re not that young) you get to hear songs from writers in their prime, but they certainly don’t have the cultural cachet that Trio or the Highwaymen had.

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  1. I think anyone who does a successful cover of one of R. Kelly’s songs should basically own that song and not have that ugly pedophile a penny of that song. BTW, have you heard Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ piano-cover of “Life on Mars?” for the third volume of the Watchmen soundtrack? It fucking destroyed me.

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  2. I like the cover of Johnny and Mary more each time I hear it. Great pick. So too is the Peter Gabriel Heroes.

    I actually can’t think of many covers off the top of my head, but I’ve been enjoying some of Robert Palmer’s takes on the many songs he tackled over the years – specifically the choices on his last album (Drive).

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    1. @J: I like how Ferry’s version of Johnny and Mary adds maturity and melancholy, he makes it his own. The Palmer original goes for upbeat dance pop with lyrics about a young man’s insecurity. Two very different takes.

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