Older song discoveries: November





You can listen to the playlist which will be updated as the year progresses.






This Strange Effect by Dave Berry (1965)
(A very haunting vocal. Should be used in a movie)








Time Has Come Today by The Chambers Brothers (1966)
(George Chambers, bassist and vocalist for psychedelic soul greats the Chambers Brothers, died age 88. This is considered their best known song)








Sea, Swallow Me by Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd (1986)
(Love Cocteau Twins. From the album The Moon and the Melodies, released under their real names Elizabeth Fraser, Robin Guthrie & Simon Raymonde)








Too Late for Goodbyes by Julian Lennon (1984)
(John Lennon’s son had a hit in the 80s. He even sings like his old man)








Payback by Jan Hammer (1986)
(Hammer is a genius with a synthesizer. From Miami Vice: The Complete Collection. Episode: Payback)








Young Folks by Peter Bjorn And John (2006)
(If you can whisle a song, it’s probably going to have a wide appeal)








Distance by Astrid (1999)
(”The sun always shines when you walk my way”.  Thanks Rol)









Sunday Morning by The Bolshoi (1986)
(Thanks Golden Eighties)







Walking In The Rain (With The One I Love) by Love Unlimited (1972)
(Female vocal trio that provided backing vocals for American R&B/soul singer Barry White on his albums and concert tours. This single by them sold over 1 million copies. At 3.10, Barry White answers the phone in his deep voice)









Love & Affection by Joan Armatrading (1976)
(Thanks Stephen1001! I ought to explore her 70s work)









Harden My Heart by Quarterflash (1981)
(Shared by Robert Horvat for his series Songs about overcoming adversity)








Ndima Ndapedza by Oliver Mtukudzi (1999)
(This Zimbabwean musician died in 2019. Thanks for highlighting him Jeremy)




I’m Not Like Everybody Else (live 1994) by The Kinks (1966)
(Great live version and timeless lyrics. I like the rebel attitude and melody. Thanks Graham/Aphoristical)




What do you think? As always, comments are welcome

18 thoughts on “Older song discoveries: November

  1. A very interesting selection as ever, Chris. Not sure if you knew this but ‘This Strange Effect’ is a ‘Stray Ray’ song – i.e. one written by Ray Davies of the Kinks but recorded by someone else and not being officially released as a studio version by the Kinks themselves. There are quite a few Stray Rays around and, if you like the Kinks, chances are you’ll like these other songs! I agree this one would be great in a movie.
    Also applaud your choice of ‘Time Has Come Today’ – just such a good song.
    ‘Young Folks’ was picked up by a major British DIY store as the theme to their TV adverts here and unfortunately it was used for years (I reckon P, B & J must have signed a very bad deal!) which has lessened its unique appeal considerably for me now, I’ve just heard it too often now and can’t help associating it with lawnmowers and screwdrivers!

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    1. @C: Thanks for the ‘Stray Ray’ info which I wasn’t aware of. I’ll take a look at the other ones!

      A shame Young Folks was lessened in the UK by the ad. Luckily I can enjoy it withouout any distraction


  2. I like those songs by the Chamber Brothers, Julian Lennon, the Cocteau Twins and Quarterflash. Those are some good tunes. For some reason, I’ve been listening to some of the songs by Chicago from the 80s as some of them hold up but some haven’t like “Look Away” as I keep reminding myself that it wasn’t written by anyone in the band but Diane Warren as reading those lyrics has given me suicidal thoughts. Then there’s Pink Floyd in relation to their upcoming release of their box set that includes a newly-remixed version of A Momentary Lapse of Reason as they stripped away some of the 80s production aesthetics for a more organic sound that feature newly-recorded drums tracks from Nick Mason and soundboard recordings of Richard Wright on the Hammond Organ. The new version of “One Slip” sounds so much better with the live drums as well as Wright’s organs that give the song a much warmer feel. I really hope this remix will inspire Roger Waters to revisit Radio K.A.O.S. and re-do the entire album as there’s some good songs but the 80s production ruined it.

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    1. @ninvoid99: Happy you liked those picks too. I haven’t looked into Chicago yet, thank for reminding me.

      I ought to prioritize Pink Floyd next year and listen to their discography chronologically. I only know the most well known albums The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here which are great.


  3. It’s interesting with a spread of songs like this how easy it is (mostly!) to place the decade of release. For my own tastes I can happily skip anything from the 80s — but normally enjoy the 60s tracks. Enjoyed ‘Time has come today’ especially. Cheers Chris

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    1. @jeremyjames: I remember you said synths are not your thing. If I was to name an 80s album I love that doesn’t sound 80s it would be One From the Heart (1982) by Tom Waits and Crystal Gayle. It’s actually a soundtrack. Maybe a bit schmaltzy in places. I wish Tom would sing like this on his other albums


  4. A varied list and I’m not familiar with many of these… though I am overly familiar with Peter Bjorn And John. As C has stated, it was used in a long running series of ads and seemed to be on the radio every 20 minutes. As a result I groan when I hear it.

    Also, Julian Lennon has some good tunes, but naturally his surname kinda means he’s always been in a certain shadow.

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