Favorite moments from Bond soundtracks (part 2)


Octopussy soundtrack.jpg


The opening flute is instantly recognizable, and ideal for a tension filled scene at the 1.44 mark. Besides the 1983 movie,  this piece was also used in the superb Bond documentary Everything or Nothing: The Untold Story of 007 (2012)


The Palace Fight by John Barry (Octopussy Soundtrack)




Which Roger Moore Bond film is your favorite? As always, comments are welcome

9 thoughts on “Favorite moments from Bond soundtracks (part 2)

  1. Octopussy for some reason gets a lot of hate which baffles me as I enjoyed it. It’s not a great Bond film but still a lot of fun. Especially for the music as well as some cool scenes in India including the part where Bond throws a wad of cash for the children as it is a nod to Moore’s work with UNICEF.

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    1. @ninvoid99: Those 70s and 80s Bond adventures are flawed but have a certain charm. And the soundtracks hold up well. Well-spotted re. UNICEF and the wad of cash.


  2. Enjoyed this music Chris — geez I miss proper soundtracks like this. These days it’s just taiko ensembles and atmospherics. Nothing like this. Not sure about the Roger Moore Bond films…I’d probably like all of them

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    1. @jeremyjames: I like this piece though definitely works better in the context of the Bond movie. I also prefer soundtracks from the past. Many of today’s soundtracks are too generic.


  3. Clever of you to pick out ospecific bits of soundtrack as so important to the overall feel of the film but not always memorable.

    Live and Let Die probably my favourite RM Bond movie – Predictable probably but just full of iconic scenes. The funeral procession in New Orleans, the voodoo, Sheriff JW Pepper etc. Utterly ridiculous in places but a fun watch.

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    1. @Alyson: I don’t know how clever I am but thanks anyway 🙂 I enjoy re-discovering music I loved at an earlier age.

      The scene in Live and Let Die I remember most vividly is when Bond is surrounded by the crocodiles, a real sense of danger! I remember the ending was ridiculous. JW Pepper is a fun character.

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    1. @Thomas Sorensen: I’ll give the soundtrack a listen, thanks. This series is about the score music but the McCartney/Wings Bond song is admittedly amazing.


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