Favorite moments from Bond soundtracks (part 1)


bond music.jpg


Time for a new blog series! I was recently youtubing score arrangements from the Bond movies and re-discovering my favorite piece of music from the franchise. To be honest, I don’t know why I haven’t shared this sooner on the blog. There are many I love and this one I can listen to on repeat. John Barry’s soundtracks tend to be beautiful, melancholy, romantic, taking you to another place.



Bond Lured To Pyramid (1979) by John Barry







Do you have a favorite era for Bond music? As always, comments are welcome

6 thoughts on “Favorite moments from Bond soundtracks (part 1)

  1. I liked the score that Marvin Hamlisch did for The Spy Who Loved Me as the usage of the disco beat actually worked including that classic cold opening sequence of Bond being chased by Soviet spies in the mountains as they’re skiing and then Bond jumps off the cliff for the greatest stunt of all Bond movies. I liked a lot of the score music from the Bond movies though recent ones haven’t been as memorable as the past Bond films.

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  2. Great idea for a series, Chris. I love that whole John Barry sound too and another favourite piece of his for me would be his theme for the TV series The Persuaders,do you know it?
    Will look forward to listening to your choices for other Bond soundtracks too.

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    1. @C: Thanks, really a nostalgia thing hearing these Bond scores again. I grew up on the Roger Moore Bond films. The main theme for the The Persuaders I know well, iconic for sure. A shame John Barry isn’t around anymore to create new music. But he had a great run.


    1. @Alyson: Thanks, for now my focus is on the Bond non-vocal score music, maybe at a later time I’ll rank the Bond theme songs. Least favorite, I have to give that dubious honor to Quantum of Solace. Alicia Keys & Jack White are talented but Another Way to Die missed the mark. Nancy Sinatra’s song is beautiful, high on my list as well.


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