Time Rider by Chromatics



Chromatics time rider.jpg



The story of the upcoming(?) album Dear Tommy is fascinating and exasperating if you are a fan. Johnny Jewel has been talking about the record since December 2014. Word is 15,000 CDs and 10,000 vinyl copies were destroyed by Johnny in 2016. He wasn’t satisfied with the music. Could there be a copy or two hidden somewhere he forgot to smash to bits?
On a positive note, the band have announced their first tour in five years that kicks off in the US on April 30th. Promoting a new album on the tour is a possibility. We will have to wait and see. Hope you enjoy the new song which is one of my favorites of 2019. Nice and dreamy, as you’d expect from Chromatics.



8 thoughts on “Time Rider by Chromatics

    1. @ninvoid99: If you look closely, Time Rider video teases the apple from the Dear Tommy artwork Maybe that’s a good sign in terms of an album. Tool LP has been delayed a long time as well


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