Top 50 older song discoveries of 2018 (#16–#20)



I Want More by Can (1976)
(Thanks to C at Sun Dried Sparrows for the recommendation. I didn’t know Can could be so funky! Looking forward to exploring their albums)








Starless by King Crimson (1974) (Mandy opening credits sequence) 
(Not familiar with King Crimson at all. This track (with its ominous mood and iconic Robert Fripp guitar intro) instantly grabbed me from the new Nicolas Cage horror film Mandy. A great music choice which fits well with Jóhann Jóhannsson’s score)










Xanadu by Rush (1977)
(Farewell to Kings is a patchy Rush album but the instrumental work on the 11 minute prog rock epic Xanadu is beautiful, and I didn’t want it to end. The lyrics are about eternal life. Superior to the 21 min 2112 (on their 1976 LP) which has a great intro yet I find a bit overpraised. Of their other longer songs, I admire the technical ability on La Villa Strangiato (from their 1978 album) and over time I may grow to love those other Rush songs more. For now, I prefer Xanadu)










Circumstances by Rush (1978)
(Rush also had a talent for composing great shorter songs such as this hard rock tune from 1978’s Hemispheres, which showcases Geddy Lee’s fiery vocals)









Right Down the Line by Gerry Rafferty (1978)
(Nice melody and I like his vocal performance. Besides the use of Stuck in the Middle with You from the controversial scene in Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, I was not familiar with this guy. Should look up his work, suggestions are welcome)







What do you think? As always, comments are welcome

18 thoughts on “Top 50 older song discoveries of 2018 (#16–#20)

  1. If you like Can you might like Marc Moulin’s Belgium band Placebo if you don’t know them. “Balek” is raw, funky and quite insane.

    They do a nice cover of Marvin Gaye’s Inner City Blues on their first LP with the mad photo of, yes a “Bag of Eyes!”
    They did 3 LPs, all most excellent.

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  2. Many thanks for the mention, Chris, so glad you liked the recommendation! Not a fan of Rush myself, but I was intrigued by the Placebo track that Wolfman included too – had not heard of that particular Placebo and thought it rather good.

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    1. @C: You’re welcome. I agree the Placebo track is good and seemingly not widely known. The 70s was a wonderful time for albums. This weekend, I was re-watching the BBC4 documentary When Albums Ruled the World (2013) which is about the 60s and 70s


  3. I love Can’s “I Want More”. It’s from their post-Suzuki era but damn, it’s so funky. “Starless” is one of my favorite King Crimson cuts as I love a lot of their stuff. Rush’s output since 2112 to Signals I think is their best run of albums that would define them. Some of the 80s synthesizer stuff has a few cheesy moments but it’s still out there as Rush’s more middle-of-the-road work is still better than a lot of other band’s work.

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    1. @ninvoid99: It’s really funky, isn’t it. With Can and King Crimson, it looks like I’ve got some great albums to look forward to!

      Subdivisions is still my favorite Rush song but Xanadu and Circumstances are great finds. Of the albums Moving Pictures (1981) is the one I have played the most so I guess that makes it my favorite.

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  4. Surprised you don’t know Gerry Rafferty but not your era really. He is Scottish and is famous for Baker Street probably more than any other song. In the realms of just being over-familiar to me now, but still a classic.

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    1. @Alyson: Didn’t know he’s Scottish, couldn’t tell from the voice. Maybe I’ll give his greatest hits a spin when there’s time. Your suggestion Baker Street has a great saxophone intro

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