Top 50 older song discoveries of 2018 (#40–#36)



Europe Endless by Kraftwerk (1977)
(I love how the track takes you on a journey. The synths and lyrics have a rhythm suitable to the theme of movement. Not unthinkable Kraftwerk got the idea for their album because Bowie referenced them on his similarly train-themed 1975 album Station to Station. 1977’s Trans Europa Express celebrates the European railway service and explores the disparities between reality and appearance)








Hallogallo by Neu! (1972)
(wow, one of the best instrumentals you are likely to find on YouTube. You can tell these guys have some talent as a unit. Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother are actually former members of Kraftwerk.
I’ve listened to Kraftwerk, Scorpions and Tangerine Dream yet I’m not too familiar with other German bands from the 70s. Neu’s 1972 and 1975 albums appear to be their peak. If you know any great krautrock music, feel free to recommend in the comments)








Are Friends Electric? by Tubeway Army/Gary Numan (1979)
(I recently discovered synth-pop artist Gary Numan used to be in a group called Tubeway Army.  Are Friends Electric? is one of their most well known songs)







Rhubarb by Aphex Twin (1994)
(I didn’t fully connect with the techno-ambient Selected Ambient Works 1985-92 but when I listened to Rhubarb from Selected Ambient Works Volume II (1994) I knew I had found the Aphex Twin album for me)








Jay by Disasterpiece (800% Slower)  – It Follows Soundtrack
(The slower remix is the newest track in the top 50 (from 2016) and my most played this year. Can put on repeat and I don’t get sick of hearing it. Very calming. Play it quietly in the background if you need to get your stress levels down!)






What do you think? As always, comments are welcome

16 thoughts on “Top 50 older song discoveries of 2018 (#40–#36)

  1. Interesting selection Chris, I’m always impressed by how varied your selections are and how much you delve into music from across the decades. I was also going to suggest Can (as in the comment above) – not that I know that loads of their material myself but ‘I Want More’ by them even made it into the charts here. Also Amon Duul II – you could try ‘Archangel Thunderbird’ as a starting point!

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    1. @C: Thanks, I Want More by Can and You`re Too Much (from your post) are great songs. Both could feature in the top 50 and push out my other picks. The list is flexible and not set in stone


    1. @stephen1001: Kraftwerk have a few entries in my Danish edition of the 1001 book so I assume you’ll get to those albums at some stage. Neu’s albums I look forward to listening to

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  2. I sometimes forget you are far too young to have experienced Kraftwerk and Tubeway Army when at their height – Always something new to discover and good when one new discovery leads on to another. Gary Numan still around and looks remarkably similar – He has aged well!

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  3. Sorry, couldn’t get into any of these. Maybe Hallogallo. I will say the song from It Follows is one I would consider if/when looking for meditation music.I can’t remember off-hand, but I’m sure that’s not the feeling it invoked in the film.

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  4. @Wendell: As meditation that remix is an amazing fit for me.

    Jay (from the official soundtrack) is pretty slow too and is similar to atmospheric 80s synth music


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