Top 50 songs of 2017 countdown (#1-#5)







1.) Do Not Let Your Spirit Wane by Gang of Youths
(The best ballad The National never wrote? A plea to value life, an autobiographical song from the heart. The singer explained in an interview he nearly died. I was lucky to find Australian band Gang of Youths thanks to another blogger: Every Record Tells A Story’s Albums Of 2017)





2.) Shadow by Chromatics (the YouTube video contains Twin Peaks S3 spoilers) 
(Technically a 2015 single, was re-recorded in 2017 for Twin Peaks. The new version is beautiful and gives me all the feels when watched with the fan-made video)




3.) Windswept by Johnny Jewel
(From season 3 of Twin Peaks. Evoking a sense of mystery and used at the end of episode 5. Some fans call it the theme of Dougie. Johnny Jewel really outdid himself with this instrumental, eclipsing even the new material by Angelo Badalamenti)




4.) Call the Police by LCD Soundsystem
(Wonderful production and the lyrics are open to interpretation. The strongest moment on an album that I thought was overrated)




5.)  Rise Up by Foxygen
(Their latest album has an orchestral, retro 70s sound. I really couldn’t tell it’s contemporary. The closer Rise Up is epic and inspiring)








This post brings to a close the ten part series, I hope you enjoyed reading and listening. What do you think? As always, comments are welcome

8 thoughts on “Top 50 songs of 2017 countdown (#1-#5)

  1. I only know one of these (LCD), and while I watched season 3 of Twin Peaks, I can’t place that tune. Anyhoo, I’ll be checking some of these out.

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    1. @J: Shadows by Chromatics is the end credits (roadhouse) tune from episode 1 of Twin Peaks season 3. Windswept by Johnny Jewel was used in the last scene in Episode 5 when Dougie is by the statue. Hope you like the other selections

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  2. I love The Chromatics ever since I heard them on the Drive Soundtrack. They are a perfect fit for David Lynch’s enviroment. Would love them to do a cover of Mysteries of Love from Blue Velvet

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    1. @The Vern: Chromatics have a bunch of nice tunes, and the fan made video for Shadow I linked to is amazing. Remember they did a Neil Young cover which is pretty good. Mysteries of Love is a beautiful song from Blue Velvet.


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