Top 50 songs of 2017 countdown (#10-#6)


everything now.jpg





6.) Everything Now by Arcade Fire
(A great intro, & We Don’t Deserve Love (from the same album) has a great outro.
Nothing I’ve heard this year is as epic as that piano kicking in at 0.45. For me, 2017’s song of the summer, geared towards big stadiums and crowds singing along. The lyric is about our generation’s opportunity to consume everything)





7.)  Nothing To Find by The War On Drugs
(In recent years, I haven’t seen eye to eye with the Grammys. I agree A Deeper Understanding (2017) deserves to win Best Rock Album of the year. Nothing to Find wasn’t a single, but has great lyrics and could be one of the band’s most uplifting songs)





8.) Pariah (ft. Ninet Tayeb) by Steven Wilson
(Wilson is sometimes accused of leaning too heavily on his influences. Pariah might be his most affecting song to date. Tayeb’s vocal contribution is inspired. The year’s best duet)





9.) Sugar For The Pill by Slowdive
(We exist in a revival era designed to please the fans. Having listened to Slowdive’s entire discography (1990-2017), I’d put Sugar for the Pill up there with the band’s best songs)





10.) New York by St. Vincent
(The line ”New York isn’t New York without you love” might be my favorite lyric of the year. I’d love to know more about the hero/friend. Other stand out moments on her 2017 album include Los Ageless, Happy Birthday Johnny, and Savior)







What do you think? As always, comments are welcome. The top 5 will be posted later in May!

15 thoughts on “Top 50 songs of 2017 countdown (#10-#6)

  1. I’ve really struggled to get into War On Drugs and the post Neon Bible Arcade Fire. The others are on my list, but I haven’t gotten to them yet… which is pretty shocking given how positive friends have been about them (same fore Arcade Fire and War On Drugs).

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    1. @J: I’m mainly familiar with the three most recent Arcade Fire LPs. Everything Now received mixed reviews but I still enjoy it. I’ve heard their 2004 and 2007 releases are really good so I need to get on that

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  2. I’m in complete agreement with you on 4 of the 5 songs featured here, but am still to be won over by Steven Wilson’s charms. I have friends whose tastes I otherwise trust impeccably who rave endlessly about the guy, I’ve yet to fall under his spell though. It’ll happen I’m sure and then everyone will have the last laugh on me!
    I found ‘Everything Now’ to be a somewhat patchy album as a whole, but the title track is a song out of their very top drawer – a fantastic lyric and performance.

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    1. @The Swede: Glad you agree on 4 of the 5. for me, there’s a short term enjoyment with Steven Wilson’s music, I don’t know if his songs hold up over the long term. His 2011 album Grace for Drowning I like the most of the three Wilson LPs I’ve heard. Pariah (ft. Ninet Tayeb) is kind of his take on the 80s classic Don’t Give Up w/ Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush


  3. “Everything Now” is pretty cool, and makes a statement also. I watched a video for “New York” by St. Vincent and I think I am going to be processing it now for months to come. Btw, looking forward to your upcoming post “5 films not as good on TV” ))

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    1. @dbmoviesblog: Yep, Everything Now is a song for our internet age where we are spoilt for choice-and all that entails

      The music video for “New York” is pretty trippy and ambiguous. Kind of a beautiful puzzle! Might not mean anything but worth many plays


  4. A couple of years ago I bought a Steven Wilson album and couldn’t get past a couple of listens. I’ve been very tempted by some of the songs I’ve heard from his most recent record though.

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    1. @Rol: I don’t mind listening to Steven Wilson’s new albums when they are released. Though I don’t find myself seeking out his music on a day-to-day basis. I can’t vouch for the 2017 album except for the shared song


  5. Sorry I haven’t kept up with these list posts. Life, you know. But why have I not heard “Everything Now” until now and why is that not all over the radio? An outstanding single!

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    1. @sgliput: No problem, life is more important than blogs. “Everything Now” is a lot of fun, I think it featured on the billboard top 100 at some point, though I don’t follow these things closely.

      Just published the final part of this series today, my top 5


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