Question: Why do we celebrate Easter?


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I thought I’d take a break from the usual music and film writings to talk about Easter and what it means to me.  The joy of eating chocolate eggs is not really the point, though I admit my family used to hide smalls eggs in the garden which was fun.

I rarely go to Church yet I try and be kind towards others. While miracles are hard to rationalize with today’s science, I appreciate the importance of the resurrection as an allegory. Jesus is an inspiring example to all for his forgiveness of those who wronged him. He suffered on the cross, but had the strength to forgive. We need more anti-violence in the face of adversity and he personifies that image.

The Easter story can be a comfort to isolated inmates at this time of year, the depth of God’s mercy reaches those who have despaired of ever finding redemption. Jesus is ready to accept them despite their mistakes and hopefully in time the inmates (or anyone) can forgive themselves.

Jesus’ forgiveness of “the kiss of Judas” and his murderers reminds us that we can forgive others too, even those who betrayed us. And that we should try and tolerate rather than dismiss someone who is different. The fish-man in The Shape of Water (2017) could be compared to Jesus, both persecuted and misunderstood.

To return to the chocolate eggs I mentioned, it isn’t about the chocolate (okay I like chocolate), but about what it represents as new beginnings and new life. I’m in no way an expert on religion so maybe you have a better understanding of Easter. I didn’t even go into The Last Supper which is also part of the story where Jesus predicts his betrayal by one of the Apostles. In fact you could say God “planned” the series of events so we could have this story to learn from in future.  It’s said his dying was Jesus’ reason for living on earth.
Lastly, Happy Easter!

How do you celebrate Easter, and what message(s) do you take from the story of the resurrection?

ps Back to regular posting in a few days.

8 thoughts on “Question: Why do we celebrate Easter?

  1. An interesting post and provoked some thoughts of what Easter means to me… I guess when I was younger it was chocolate eggs and I didn’t really think much about it. The adults would say Happy Easter. It’s something that just passes now and I don’t really mark it, though I enjoy some time off and enjoying the start of spring. So, I guess that’s what it means to me… the start of spring and bright colours.

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    1. @J: Glad I was able to provoke some thought. Wishing Happy Easter is nice, and so are the family gatherings, but I think many lead such busy lives that they just enjoy the time off, and say the phrase on auto pilot, not talking much about what Easter really is about. Yes, a time when the flowers are starting to bloom so I also associate this time of year with color and Spring. Although still pretty wintery in Denmark, *shudder*…

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    1. @ninvoid99: The Ten Commandments is a great film and a great story. I noticed the first trailer for Paul Schrader’s new film First Reformed (about a conflicted priest) was released on Easter Thursday, hardly a coincidence I assume..


  2. Last year I made a point of following all the dates in nature’s calendar (I hesitate to call it the pagan calendar as that reeks of something else) – Back in ancient times there was a celebration called Ostara held at the Vernal Equinox derived from the Old English goddess Eostre and later borrowed by Christians for Easter. The celebration was all about new birth and fertility, where seeds are blessed for planting soon after.

    Like you I also try to be kind to others and thanks for reminding us of the story of Jesus and of his ability to forgive. (Hadn’t thought of the fish-man in Shape of Water in that context but so true.)

    Enjoy the chocolate egg (as I’m sure you’ll have one).

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    1. Thanks Alyson. Nature is important and something we can actually witness the stages of and enjoy to look at, so makes sense to be appreciative of it and follow the season changing. It would be difficult/impossible to survive without it!

      I wish the world could love instead of hate like Jesus did. Sadly it isn’t always the case.

      The Shape of Water has room for interpretation.

      Hopefully there will be a chocolate egg for me during Easter


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