Top 50 songs of 2017 countdown (#45-#41)


Songbird in a Cage  Paul McCartney Charlotte Gainsbourg.png



41.) The Evil Has Landed by Queens of the Stone Age
(I’m not their biggest fan, but this rocks! For whatever reason, they decided to reference Neil Armstrong’s “The eagle has landed” in the title. The line indicated that a mission objective was completed)




42.) Akanamali (feat. Samthing Soweto) by Sun-EL Musician
(I heard on the radio that Cape Town in South Africa are facing a disastrous water shortage. April 12 2018 has preliminary been named “Day Zero”. Residents are gathering rain water and told to use max 50 liters a day to combat the worst drought in 100 years. Emergency water supplies will be available for critical needs. In such a situation music seems trivial, but hopefully new South African song Akanamali can bring a little comfort. My favorite part starts at 1.02)




43.) Love’s A Stranger by Warhaus 
(Leonard Cohen imitator? Perhaps. Maarten Devoldere (from Belgium) has his own way with words. I haven’t listened to the album but enjoyed the single)




44.) Songbird in a Cage (feat. Paul McCartney) by Charlotte Gainsbourg
(McCartney’s instrumental parts fit well with her vocal. Has been compared to Macca’s The Fireman collaborations and the 70s obscurities by Linda McCartney)



45.)  A Trick of the Light by Jarvis Cocker & Chilly Gonzales
(Jarvis Cocker, frontman of the 90s Britpop group Pulp, went in a spoken-word direction on his 2017 album. Collaborating with pianist Chilly Gonzales, this ballad is about our screen culture. A cautionary tale against placing too much faith in fantasy, and a cry for something real)





What do you think? As always, comments are welcome

8 thoughts on “Top 50 songs of 2017 countdown (#45-#41)

    1. @J: I remember you included the QOTSA album in your top 10. A fun track with a catchy riff, yet with enough variation in the guitar parts so it avoids the repetitive pop formula


    1. @Marie: I have a draft version of my favorite songs of all-time. Been putting off posting that list since a lot of the older stuff is still being discovered! Maybe I’ll share later this year, thanks for the encouragement.


  1. I don’t listen to current music much, I usually don’t even know what song is popular in a given year until much later, ahah. I did just discover Lianne La Havas who did an amazingly-beautiful rendition of “Starry Starry Night” in Loving Vincent!! So that might be one of my fave songs of the year.

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    1. @Ruth: I’ve always liked the 1971 original by Don McLean. To be honest I didn’t know the lyrics are about Vincent Van Gogh until now. Thanks for sharing the info about the cover. I’ll head over to YoutTube and listen.. Sounds like you really love it!


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