I’ve moved from blogspot to wordpress!

I decided to move my blog to wordpress. In the hope of increasing the number of visitors. A few wordpress users have been unable to comment on my blogspot site, which is a pity. On the other hand, I haven’t heard of blogspot users struggling to comment on wordpress. So this technical issue was a factor in making the change.

I will continue to share two monthly posts on film and albums (at the end of each month), and occasionally I’ll post at other times. I have a few year-end lists scheduled for the upcoming months: Top 10 albums of 2017, my annual top 100 songs of the year, favorite older film discoveries, Top 10 films of 2017, etc.

I’m still in the process of getting used to wordpress and moving various elements from blogspot, so that’s why the design could look a bit messy in the next weeks/months! The old blog (which I’ve written since April 2010) won’t be erased, so you can still find all the reviews, lists there. The old content will become available at the new web address. Today, I imported all previous posts + comments.

Hope my current followers will continue to return, and maybe by changing platforms I can add a few new regular readers!

As you can see in the browser, the site is now called: moviesandsongs365.wordpress.com/

from Chris


18 thoughts on “I’ve moved from blogspot to wordpress!

  1. Well this is a nice surprise – I will now see your posts come up automatically on my reader and it will be a lot easier to exchange comments.

    I have been using WordPress for nearly two years now so if you have any questions about any of the technical issues I might be able to help although the support team are very good. Welcome aboard!

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    1. @Alyson: Thanks for the follow! I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it after a while, WordPress seems to have more options which I’m still exploring. I went with the free blog version which looks fine to me. Will let you know if I run into any unsolvable technical issues

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    1. @Mr. Bobinsky: Thanks! I haven’t regretted it. I just hope I didn’t alienate any biogspot users.

      The move was surprisingly easy. I simply made a backup of the blogspot content, and imported the file to WordPress. The biggest challenge is moving the header button content which wasn’t automatically imported.

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    1. @Nostra: Thanks for for the heads up on WordPress and for your continued support! Certainly easier to see if people are reading the posts and comments with the “like” system. To my knowledge, that tool doesn’t exist on blogspot

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  2. Good luck with the new platform – not that you need it, I’m sure it will be fine, but I know sometimes things just take a bit of getting used to. I’m still comfortable enough in Blogger since using it for mine from 2011, and hope it isn’t too hard for people to comment or navigate, but will keep an open mind should any problems arise or if I just fancy a change!

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    1. @C: Thanks for the well wishes. I’m happy you’re able to comment here. You see, I didn’t want to shut anyone out (from blogspot) whom I already knew.
      At least half the blogs I read (if not more) are on WordPress so I felt I wanted to make it easier for them to use my site. Hope you keep blogging, whatever platform it is!

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  3. Like the new digs. I’ve been considering this move myself. Curious to see how it goes for you. Just as an FYI, I haven’t been able to comment on a wordpress site using my blogspot address since the beginning of this year. Instead, I have to use my twitter address. That said, I’ll be here, too!

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    1. Thanks Wendell, nice to hear from you.
      The google option worked ok when I tested it, and C managed to comment here yesterday with a blogger/google account.
      You could always try deactivating your security programs(Adblock Plus, Norton), use a different browser when commenting, updating your browsers/Windows/Mac. If anyone else is not able to comment with blogger, I will suggest Twitter to them.
      Good to know you will be around!

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