Halfway point: Best songs of 2017 so far (#5 – #1)

1.) Everything Now by Arcade Fire
Nothing I’ve heard this year is as epic as that piano kicking in at 0.45. For me, 2017’s song of the summer, geared towards big stadiums and crowds singing along. The lyric is about our generation’s opportunity to consume everything)

2.)  We Got The Power (feat. Jehnny Beth) by Gorillaz
(While the album is uneven, the best track is an empowering, catchy pop anthem. Anyone could relate to the lyrics)

3.) Ran by Future Islands
(Doesn’t quite top 2014’s synthpop classic Seasons Waiting on You, but it’s close. Ran has motion as its theme and would be ideal for an exercise playlist. The video fits well with the music, and I love the bass)

4.) Ballad of the Dying Man by Father John Misty
(A beautiful retro melody, and an amusing yet telling commentary on the absurd self-importance of man in the internet age when everyone has an opinion. You could say singer-songwriter Josh Tillman is preachy about the many failings of humanity, but his sense of proportion stood out for me on the album, how we are minor in the grand scheme of things. He has a point that contemporary news is becoming like entertainment with the likes of The Daily Show etc, and I think he’s right to question that)

5.) Fear by Kendrick Lamar
(Album highlight, a smooth beat, sampling 1973’s Poverty’s Paradise by The 24-Carat Black. A Lamar track that I’m pleased to say keeps it relatively simple, on an album I’ve otherwise struggled to connect with. For further reading, Noisey dedicated an entire article to Fear)

What do you think? As always comments are welcome

6 thoughts on “Halfway point: Best songs of 2017 so far (#5 – #1)

  1. @Dan Heaton: Singles holds up better to repeat listens for me, though I do like The Far Field, and especially Ran. Also liking new songs Aladdin, Day Glow Fire and Candles. Cave is good too, but is maybe too similar to their 2014 song Lighthouse.


  2. Really interesting selection. 'Everything Now' has really worked its magic on me. I only recently started appreciating Arcade Fire, and Reflektor is a favourite album now. This has struck the balance between being commercial and also powerful, particularly with the message in the lyrics.
    Thanks Chris, I hadn't heard it before.


  3. You’re welcome C. I also enjoyed Reflektor, and I’m looking forward to new Arcade Fire album, which is out late July. Based on the released teaser tracks, the album may be about our current society, the internet, consumerism, etc, which is interesting.


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