Best songs of 1980 (part 11) (black female singers)

I already shared tracks from Diana Ross’ album Upside Down, and below are three more albums from 1980 by black female artists I listened to. A suitable time to give one’s attention to with Black History Month in February.

Album: Me Myself I by Joan Armatrading
Listen to: 
Me Myself I 
Is It Tomorrow Yet 

Album: Warm Leatherette by Grace Jones 
Listen to:
Pars (Jacques Higelin cover)
Private Life (The Pretenders cover)

Album: Fame soundtrack by Various Artists

Fame won the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song. Michael Gore also won an Oscar for Best Original Score.

Listen to:
Fame performed by Irene Cara
Hot Lunch Jam performed by Irene Cara and cast

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6 thoughts on “Best songs of 1980 (part 11) (black female singers)

  1. I love the Fame soundtrack. That was probably one of the most brilliant 80s soundtracks. Poor Irene Cara went through so much for that soundtrack. If I recall correctly she quit music after that album b/c of how they treated her.


  2. @Wendell: Yes, Fame is a classic. The Fame movie I wasn’t so keen on except the joyous spontaneous dance sequences.

    That was very young! Warm Leatherette is decent but not Grace Jones’ best. I may do a top 10 of her songs this year.


  3. @msmariah: That treatment of Cara sounds harsh! I’ll google her to see what happened to Irene Cara’s career. All I know is she had 80s hits from various soundtracks (Fame, Flashdance, D.C. Cab)


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