80s Thursday – Best songs of 1980 (part 9) (female singers)

Album: Come Upstairs by Carly Simon 
Listen to:

Album: Romance Dance by Kim Carnes 
Listen to:
More Love (The Miracles cover)

Album: 9 to 5 and Odd Jobs by Dolly Parton
Listen to: 
9 To 5

Album: These Days by Crystal Gayle 

Songs from this album are part of my childhood so I can’t be objective

Listen to:
If You Ever Change Your Mind
What A Little Moonlight Can Do (originally sung by Billie Holiday)
Too Many Lovers
You’ve Almost Got Me Believin’

Album: Coal Miner’s Daughter soundtrack
Listen to: 
There He Goes sung by Sissy Spacek (Patsy Cline cover)

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5 thoughts on “80s Thursday – Best songs of 1980 (part 9) (female singers)

  1. @Wendell: I’m more familiar with country from the 90s because we had CMT then. The Carly Simon and Kim Carnes are not country, but I felt I owed it to the project to check out a few of the country albums from 1980. There He Goes is a great cover by Sissy Spacek.


  2. @Josh: Funny you should mention One From The Heart. I discovered the soundtrack this year and really liked it. I still need to see the movie though. It’s an album I can keep listening to and not get tired of.


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