2016 Blind spot series: Weird Science (1985)

Directed and written by John Hughes. Coming of age comedy/fantasy/science fiction. A film where you have to suspend your disbelief and just run with it in order to enjoy the movie.
Has its touching John Hughes moments, especially in the smaller human interactions which I wish there were more of. For the most part, the story is over-the-top and the screenplay has a number of contrivances. Sports cars appearing out of thin air, the computer gaining extra power just by a phone call, a smashed up house is fixed miraculously.
I prefer when John Hughes goes for something down to earth in films such as The Breakfast Club (1985), Uncle Buck (1989), and Pretty in Pink (1986).
I can go along with the woman is created from a computer, but Lisa having all these super powers is just too much and why are the teenagers attracted to a woman who is much older? This movie is just bonkers and really the title is quite fitting. The humour is juvenile and maybe if I was 14 years old I might like it more than I do now. In almost every scene, Anthony Michael Hall has an open-mouthed expression of surprise on his face, which is too repetitive.  It’s watchable if you like John Hughes. The Oingo Boingo title track is not bad, but the story and soundtrack are not as great as other films by the writer/director. The life lessons are there amidst all the craziness.

Favorite quote:
Lisa: “You had to be big shots didn’t you. You had to show off. When are you gonna learn that people will like you for who you are, not for what you can give them”

16 thoughts on “2016 Blind spot series: Weird Science (1985)

  1. This is definitely one of Hughes's goofier efforts. I loved it as a teenager, but haven't watched in years. No problem with the boys being attracted to an older woman. Kelly Le Brock was one of the 80s “It” girls and we were all in love with her. That's just what horny teen boys do. It's no different than boys nowadays being hot and bothered by Kate Upton, Rihanna, or even Miley Cyrus. I'll have to revisit this, soon.


  2. @Wendell: Yep, it’s quite goofy! I take your point Kelly Le Brock was the ”it girl”, and obviously teenage boys are girl crazy, but the big age difference still felt odd to me. She was like a mentor and a girlfriend, and it seems they desired both those things.


  3. I do think it is hilarious while it is sort of an anomaly of sorts from Hughes in terms of the teen films he was making, it is at least his most bawdy and hilarious. Kelly LeBrock, man she was smoking and she still looks no matter what people say. Fuck Steven Seagal for beating her up, that fat tubby bitch.


  4. @thevoid99: Weird Science is indeed different to John Hughes’ other stuff, particularly the sci-fi angle. Yep, it does have a few amusing scenes. I just wish I had discovered it when I was younger.


  5. I laughed at this when it came to video, but it IS stupid.

    Every single teenage boy would have wanted to “do” Kelly LeBrock back then. She was 34 or 35 at the time. Right now Scarlett Johannson is 31, Jessica Alba is 34, Evangeline Lily is 36, Charlize Theron is 40, and Eva Mendes is 41. I don't know of any straight teenage boy who wouldn't have sex with them in a heartbeat, if given the opportunity.


  6. I was indeed 14 or so when I watched it first time and is this not what early puberty fantasies are all about? Older girls, super powers, being cool and awesome. I was totally sold back then. Ten years earlier it may have been Princess Leia in the golden bikini, as it was Kelly Le Brock was the girl we dreamed of.
    I saw it again recently and it does not hold up. You really have to be 14 to watch this.


  7. @Chip: I get the boys will take any women they can get, but don’t forget her feelings. There is no way she willingly would want to date a 14-year-old unless she was forced to. Maybe it’s all a dream 🙂 There’s an innocence to the a story thanks to Hughes so you just chucke about the funny situations and forget about what she wants.


  8. @TSorensen: boys will be boys haha. I see this mainly as a film for males. Older girls for sure were attractive, good point about Princess Leia. Although taking that from a day dream to a real situation in a movie is what felt a bit awkward to me. A nice idea to update the Frankenstein story, so the creature is sexy.


  9. @Josh: Weird Science is fairly silly, so that could put some people off. If you are in the mood for something fun and light, it fits the bill.


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