Music interlude: Big Star

So I listened to the three 70s studio albums by Big Star. Here’s my favorite track from each album:

Thirteen (from 1972’s #1 Record) (A classic, arguably among the best songs of the 70s, I never get tired of it)

Nighttime (from 1978’s Third Sister Lovers)

O My Soul (from 1972’s Radio City)

Have you listened to this band? Any favorites? Or are you a newcomer to the music as I am? As always, thoughts are welcome in the comments

2 thoughts on “Music interlude: Big Star

  1. I know there's a lot of people that might say that the Velvet Underground is the most influential cult band ever. Yet, I always prefer Big Star. Those 3 albums are just masterpieces. Third/Sister Lovers is my favorite of those 3 albums. I was happy to get a chance to see the documentary on the band which I reviewed this past July which you can read here.


  2. @thevoid99: Those 3 tracks I shared, love them. I’m sure I will listen to the studio albums again in future, and maybe connect with other album tracks next time around.
    Not seen that documentary, thanks for telling.


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