Top 100 songs of 2013 (tracks 1-25)

Many of these tracks I consider modern classics, especially the top 10

Down Down the Deep River – Okkervil River

Wake Me Up – Avicii

Oblivion (feat. Susanne Sundfør) – M83 (From Oblivion soundtrack)

If I Had A Tail – Queens Of The Stone Age

Bourgeois – Phoenix

Drew – Goldfrapp

It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus) – Arcade Fire

Jubilee Street – Nick Cave

Step – Vampire Weekend

Who Did That to You – John Legend (From Django Unchained soundtrack)

Was All Talk – Kurt Vile
Runner-up: Pure Pain – Kurt Vile

14.) What Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving The World? – Hans Zimmer (From Man of Steel soundtrack)

Blurred Lines [feat. T.I., Pharrell] – Robin Thicke

Trying To Be Cool – Phoenix

The Stars Are Out Tonight (long version with intro instrumental) – David Bowie

Song for Zulu – Phosphorescent

She Will – Savages

Don’t Swallow the Cap – The National

Reflektor – Arcade Fire

Mantra – Trent Reznor, Dave Grohl, and Joshua Homme (From Sound City soundtrack)

Do I Wanna Know? – Arctic Monkeys
Runner up: Arabella – Arctic Monkeys

If I Were Me – Dave Grohl, Jessy Greene, Rami Jaffee & Jim Keltner (From Sound City soundtrack)

Young and Beautiful – Lana Del Rey (from The Great Gatsby soundtrack)

Push the Sky Away – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Get Lucky – Daft Punk

This post brings to a close my top 100 songs. I hope you enjoyed listening! Next time, I’ll be sharing Top 10 albums of 2013, and after that, the focus will be on best old and new films seen this year.

20 thoughts on “Top 100 songs of 2013 (tracks 1-25)

  1. Fantastic song from John Legend. Great choice. And very happy to see If I had a Tail make your list too! Brilliant song. Their new album this year was one of my faves.


  2. Well you have two Phoenix songs in your top 25, that's a fact. I love Phoenix's album. I also love Atlas by Coldplay which end up in your top 100. Nearly forgot about Young and Beautiful.


  3. Love that John Legend track. Great pick.

    Nice to see a couple of Arcade Fire songs make it in the top 20. It's growing on me with each listen — “Here Comes the Night” might be my favorite at the moment.

    I am going to have to give that Nick Cave album another listen. “Jubilee” is great.

    “Get Lucky” had to be #1, didn't it? Maybe a bit overplayed now, but it's still a damn fun song.

    Excellent work on the list, Chris! I have had a lot of fun going through it.


  4. Dude!

    Many props for Mantra which has racked up a massively high playcount for me too ever since seeing SOUND CITY last winter. Some great ditties on this list for certain – here's to more ear candy in 2014!


  5. @Jaina: Surprisingly I don’t care for John Legend’s other music, at least what I’ve heard so far, but that track, wow, so good. If I had a Tail is really catchy.


  6. @Andina: You got me listening to Bourgeois quite a lot this year 🙂 and that fan video from Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette is good too.
    Phoenix is actually on my upcoming top 10 albums list. Atlas is quite epic, and I think deserves to be in the top 100.


  7. Eric @ The Warning Sign: Arcade Fire is growing on me too, the more I listen to that album.
    While I personally prefer the closing track “Push The Sky Away”, “Jubilee” is the most instantly recognizable from Nick Cave’s latest.

    Yep, Get Lucky had to be no 1. 🙂 That lyric “we’ve come too far, to give up, who we are” is amazing.

    Thanks, and appreciate you took the time to comment on all the top 100 music posts! (I'll reply to them all later)


  8. @Ryan McNeil: A lot of 2013 music is lacking in variety and has that synthpop/autotune vibe. But those two tracks from SOUND CITY both stick out, and sound like something from the past. Happy you dug the list!


  9. @Josh: Thanks, I’m pretty satisfied with the top 25. However I am thinking of replacing the Fleetwood Mac track, which I feel is weaker than the rest, we’ll see.


  10. Finally checking out your list, lots of good stuff here and happy to see Savages up so high. Surprised “Young and Beautiful” is all the way at #3, I normally love Lana, but for some reason that song does nothing for me.


  11. @Wilde.Dash: Thanks for checking out the list! I didn’t love the entire Savages album, that track is great. The short film they did for ”Shut Up” I also love(mainly for the intro monologue)


  12. Cool list!

    I couldn't single out a fave from the National, Vampire Weekend, or Arcade Fire albums.

    Love that Savages track too.

    A few other tracks that blew my mind last year were:

    Autre Ne Veut – Play By Play
    Burial – Come Down To Us
    Deafheaven – Dream House
    La Femme – Antitaxi


  13. @Bonjour Tristesse: Hi BT, good to hear from you again! Thanks for sharing those tracks, I will give them a listen.
    I’m currently working on a blogpost named “2013 music that should have been in my top 100″, and Burial and a few others will be included.


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