Monthly links from the blogosphere: October

Bill, Steven, and Ryan are doing horror marathons during October

SDG’s horror mini-reviews

Eric’s Box of Horror #1: Apollo 18, Insidious, V/H/S

3guys1movie take a look at Scariest Movie Scenes

Sati’s 10 films to watch alongside American Horror Story: Coven

Robert’s Favorite Horror Scene Friday! The Descent

Keith reviews Suspiria

Dan’s Top 10 Horror Film Sequels

Michaël Parent reviews Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Shala’s New York Film Festival (NYFF) 2013 Debriefed

Bonjour Tristesse’s top 20 from the Vancouver International Film Festival

Ruth is covering Twin Cities Film Fest (TCFF), and asks, What’s your favorite film festival/event experience?

Oscars: Academy announces Best Foreign Language Film shortlist

Cristi B shares his 100 favorite films, and also Top 30 TV-shows

Jaina on THE NEW CROP OF 2013′S TV

Across the Universe Podcast discuss Blade Runner and 2001: A Space Odyssey

Alex Withrow shares his first short film: Full Circle

Andina ranks the films of Sofia Coppola

Josh shares music that inspires him, Top 10 College Songs. Alex does the same, only his band of choice is M83

Jack at Lights Camera Reaction reviewed Blue Jasmine

Pete Turner writes about the documentary The War Game (1965), which I now want to watch

Steven’s 10 Reasons Why Lost in Translation is the Best Film Ever…

Chip completed the Entire 1,001 Movies You Must See Before You Die List…Again

Nostra’s Monday Question: Practical effects in movies

Dan Heaton questions, What’s the Cultural Future for Movies?

Ryan McNeil on Talking to People Who Aren’t Into Movies

Steve Aldersley on Big – The best Tom Hanks role from the 80s

The Vern’s Random Thoughts of a Movie Insomniac # 8: Blogging = Pain & Joy.

David Bowie Shares List of 100 Favorite Books

DAFT PUNK’S “GET LUCKY” may have been stolen from Korean YouTube star.

Nick from The Cinematic Katzenjammer’s Desert Island Films

flickfilosopher on what is your geek idiosyncrasy?

22 thoughts on “Monthly links from the blogosphere: October

  1. You really captured everything. I'm gonna check all the articles, even though I read some of them. Also, thanks for putting my links. You help me a lot with the promotion.


  2. Thanks for the link love. This week, I'm going to do Francis Ford Coppola's first film and then a film by Roman Polanski, one more Cronenberg film, a Blind spot, and some de Palma and Hitchcock to close out the month. On Thursday, I'm going to see NIN.


  3. @thevoid99: No problem, I'll look forward to your reviews of those, and have fun at the Nine Inch Nails concert! That's awesome you get to see one of your favorite bands.


  4. Hey Chris, thanks for sharing these! Have to warn you before The War Game completely warps your mind and scars you for life that it is a mock-doc not a doc! I'm sure you'd figure that out pretty soon into it when England gets nuked I suppose!


  5. @Pete Turner: Heh, well I’ll watch the mock-doc as a dystopian warning about the future then. What you say reminds of the premise in the new movie How I Live Now (2013), which I just read a review of.


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