Songs for your iPod

Edge Of The Ocean (Duotone Mix) – Ivy

(This song reminds me of Madonna’s Ray of light album, however the music video I feel takes away some of the magic and mystery, better as pure audio.)

Readers, any thoughts on the songs?

2 thoughts on “Songs for your iPod

  1. Being a Beatles from an early age, I concur with your choice for this post! For Beatles humour, I used to listen to “You Know My Name” as a child, followed by later viewings of “A Hard Day's Night”, which is one of the most quotable films I have watched to date.
    Nice to see N.O. get a mention too.


  2. I haven't seen “A Hard Day's Night”, will add that to my “to see list”. Have you seen Nowhere Boy(2009)? Quite interesting bio of Lennon's childhood, but I thought it only scratches the surface.

    My favourite voice among the Beatles is John Lennon, so look out for more songs by him ( :

    Talking of childhood music memories, we were hooked on McCartney's 1993 solo album 'Off the ground'. Maybe his last good album.


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